Created: 2010-12-07
Updated: 2011-04-13

This is a simple autonomous maze client. Click the button to traverse maze on the server. While the client code is very basic, it will (evetuntually) solve any "simply-connected" 2D maze that is represented using the Maze+XML MIME media-type.

This client makes the following assumptions about the responses:

  1. Any important hrefs appear in <link> elements
  2. All hrefs on <link> elements support the HTTP GET method
  3. The following Link Relation values are "understood": start, north, south, east, west, exit
  4. The initial URI will always return a document that contains a <link rel="start"> element.

Some related material:

Contact mamund -AT- yahoo -DOT- com with questions, comments, etc.

If you have created a client that understands the Maze+XML media type, send me a link and I'll post it here.