2009-01-30 @ 15:14#


ok, i put my code where my mouth was. i posted an example that shows how easy it is to support HTTP DELETE in modern browsers. no need to overload POST at all.

ok, gotta do this...

i read this post today and saw this bit of ASP.NET MVC code and i died a little inside:

public ActionResult Delete(int id) {
  //Delete that stuff!

AYFKM? srsly?

please, i'm begging you. stop ignoring the full set of HTTP methods. i covered this faux paux already .

with all the might and power of MSFT; all the creativity that went into building the MVC library for ASP.NET; all the effort made to integrate the fantasic jQuery client-side library into the ASP.NET MVC; and you -still- ignore PUT and DELETE?

it's not because you don't have ability. you've got the best possible set of tooling and libraries available on the Windows platform!


people, if someone stands up and stage or in front of a class and shows you this code and tells you it's an acceptable way to do things, just. say. no.

i'm not kidding.