Azure.exe command-line app posted

2008-12-12 @ 03:43#

i finally cleaned up my sample code for my Azure.exe command-line app. this app, built using .NET 2.0 (C#) gives you full access to your Azure Storage Table data. it works on WindXP, .NET 2.0, VS2005, w/o the need to install the Azure SDKs. i built it to see just how easy it was to use the POH (plain old HTTP) interface for Azure Tables. not too bad, really. aside from the custom auth pattern (boo, hiss) and one minor documentation omission (a properly serialized valid DateTime value is required in the <updated /> element for *all* payloads), things went smoothly. i'd say one of the valuable items in the source will be the CreateSharedKeyAuth() method. the rest of the code is pretty basic.

Amundsen.Utilities Dependency

the code posted to my github space does *not* include the source for the Amundsen.Utilities assembly. the compiled .NET 2.0 DLL is there, but no source. i use this in many projects. you can pull a recent version from my googlecode space if you like. i checked and the source is up-to-date.

Download the ZIP set

to make things easy, i've posted a ZIP set that includes all the source for these projects. you'll need to 'stitch' the utilities source back into the solution tree for VS, but it should be no problem. soon, i'll post a more 'friendly' set to Codeplex and/or GoogleCode. i'll also add a landing page on my site to keep track of things.

so, pull it; play w/ it; tell me about it.