API Strategy at Mulesoft in 2019

2019-06-03 @ 15:52#

i'm happy to announce that, starting in June of this year, I'll be working as an API Strategy Advisor with Mulesoft. this gives me a chance to team up w/ my long-time friend and colleague, Matt McLarty and to renew acquaintances w/ a handful of really talented and experienced API professionals at Mulesoft.

API Strategy

Matt and I (along with Irakli and Ronnie) worked together on the Microservices Architecture book and it will be good to be working with him again. that book, and a more recent one -- Continuous API Management (with Mehdi and Erik) -- focus on the steps beyond API as a "thing" and reflect a trend i see growing in the API community. that trend is to view APIs as a strategy for accomplishing business objectives.

as few as five years ago just having an API program could set you apart from your competition in the market. however, that is no longer the case. now, it is important the APIs that you spend you time and money to build, test, deploy, and support actually provide a measurable business advantage. that's where an API Strategy comes into play.

and companies that can enable that API Stratgey -- companies that not only understand it but can also help others adopt it -- are the companies i am anxious to work with, share, and learn from. and that is why today i am honored and excited to be able to begin working with Mulesoft and promote this "next level" approach to APIs.

MuleSoft Connect

over the coming weeks and months, Matt and I will be working to collect and share API Strategy experiences from companies of all sizes from around the world. we'll be taking the time to meet with and talk to industry leaders as well as promising startups in order to learn how they are using APIs to go to the "next level" and we'll be working to conslidate and share their knowledge and experience at events across the globe.

along these lines, Mulesoft will be hosting a series of events -- Mulesoft CONNECT -- at cities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Matt and I will be at the next CONNECT event in San Francisco later this month. you can also check the ongoing schedule to see when we'll be at a city near you. i'm looking forward to these opportunities to share and learn about the role API Strategy is playing in the community and hope to see you there.

2019 and Beyond

of course, strategy is just one step in the process of identifying, implementing, evaluating, and improving your organization's business and the IT ecosystem that supports it. and this is not an overnight process. it takes time, persistence, dedication, and patience. i'm excited to be able to join Mulesoft in helping promote this approach and looking forward to seeing how it can advance to role of APIs in businesses worldwide not just this year but also for many years to come.