an online tutorial -- with friends

2016-02-02 @ 21:22#

there just a few days left before my live O'Reilly Implementing Hypermedia online tutorial on february 9th (11AM to 5PM EST). and i'm spending the day tweaking the slides and working up the six hands-on lessons. as i do this, i'm really looking forward to the interactive six hour session. we'll be covering quite a bit in a single day, too.

the agenda

most of the material comes from my 2011 O'Reilly book Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node. however, i've added a few things from RESTFul Web APIs by Leonard Richardson and even brought in a few items from my upcoming book RESTful Web Clients.

the high-level topics are:

  • Designing a Hypermedia API
  • Using the DORR Pattern for Coding Web APIs
  • Understanding the Collection+JSON Media Type
  • Building Hypermedia SPA Clients

by the time the day is done, everyone will have a fully-functional Hypermedia API service up and running and a Cj-compliant general-pourpose hypermedia client that works w/ ANY Web API that supports the Collection+JSON media type.

Greenville Hypermedia Day

the tutorial is geared toward both individual and team participation. i know some companies are arranging a full-day session with their own dev teams for this, too. and i just heard about a cool event in Greenville, SC for people who want to get the "team" spirit...

i found out that Benjamin Young is hosting a Hypermedia Day down in Greenville, SC on feb 9th. If you're in the area, you can sign up, show up, join the tutorial in progress, and chat it up w/ colleagues. I know Benjamin from our work together for RESTFest and he's a good egg w/ lots of skills. He'll be doing a Q&A during the breaks in the tutorial modules and i think he might have something planned as an "after-party" thing at the end of the day.

if you're anywhere near Greenville, SC on feb-09, you should join Benjamin's Hypermedia Day festivities!

cut me some slack

i know most of the attendees are going "solo" -- just you, me, and the code -- that's cool. O'Reilly is hosting a live private Slack channel for everyone who signs up for the tutorial. I'll be around all day (and probably some time after that, too) so we can explore the exercises, work out any bugs, and just generally chat.

it's all ready!

so, as i wrap up the slides, the hands-on lessons, the github repo, and the heroku-hosted examples, i encourage you to sign up and join us for a full day of hypermedia, NodeJS, and HTML5.

see you there!