2014 Fall API Academy Pacific Tour

2014-10-17 @ 14:07#

yep - it's official! i'll be traveling the Pacific in late October and early November to present the CA API Academy sessions on "How to Implement a Successful API Strategy." along the way, i'll be visiting the following cities:

Rewriting Everything

i'm really excited about this trip because this time i am re-writing all my presentation content for the API Strategy Workshops. Instead of just collecting up the most popular content from our very successful API training program, this time i am pulling together content from each of our incredibly talented API Academy team members and highlighting the key insights each of them have on the major topics we're often asked when working with our customers.

preparing this content is a real thrill for me because it's a chance to show people examples from the wide range of expertise and experience in the API Academy. it's also a bit duanting since i need to try to get up to speed on all the things our Academy folks have been working on in the last year.

here's what i have planned for the upcoming workshops

Apps, APIs and the Enterprise: Enabling The Future of the Web

The growing explosion of mobile devices on the Web means applications will continue to become smaller and more numerous, deployment cycles will keep getting shorter, and the speed of innovation will increase. At the same time, product teams are getting smaller and more distributed making project management more challenging than ever. Succeeding in this constantly evolving environment requires more than speed, it takes agility, planning, leadership and the ability to act quickly and decisively.

Join me for a half-day workshop where we explore:

Rewriting Business
Refocusing your Business through Apps and the API Economy
Rewriting Software
Harnessing the Power of the Cloud and Mobile
Rewriting Process
Using DevOps to transform your Infrastructure
Rewriting the Future
Rethinking Governance and Reducing the Cost of Change

Join Me!

it's going to be a great experience and i hope you will join me as we review key business, software, process, and governance issues facing IT departments today and into the future.

See you on the road!