Mike Amundsen, Principal API Architect for Layer 7

2012-06-18 @ 09:58#

it's my honor to announce that, as of today, i am part of the Layer 7 team as Principal API Architect.

Layer 7 is a leading provider of security and management products for API-driven integrations spanning the extended hybrid enterprise. in my role as Principal API Architect, i'll be involved with Layer 7's Business Services group helping customers harness the power of Web APIs for their business. that means i'll be working as both a customer- and developer community-facing technical expert advising business leaders, developers and architects on how to design, develop and deploy world-class Web APIs.

joining Layer 7 also means i will be able to continue to pursue my personal mission:

Improving the quality and usability of information on the Web.

as regular readers of my blog know, i've spent the last several years exploring and experimenting with Web APIs and the technical and design details used to create and maintain them. over that time, i've had the pleasure to work with several organizations to help them build APIs that are usable, scalable, and evolvable. the opportunity to combine my experience with that of Layer 7 is very exciting and i'm looking forward to the challenges ahead.

this week i'll be talking about some of my past experience as well as the possibilities for the future in my QCon New York talk The Costs and Benefits Of Buliding Hypermedia APIs with Node.js. i hope you'll join me at QCon and stop by the Layer 7 table at the event.

moving forward, there are lots of great opportunities to learn and grow and i hope you'll join me in my mission.