i really mean it

2010-10-24 @ 18:03#

i am lucky enough to be invited to talk to user groups and conferences several times each year. it's a great honor and i enjoy it very much. this weekend i delivered a talk about hypermedia APIs at Grand Rapids Day of .NET. i had a great time and got some very good feedback on my talk.

i also had more than one conversation w/ fellow attendees after my talk that went something like this:

"I really enjoyed your talk. Turns out we [are|will be] doing something very similar."
"Thanks. I'd be very interested to hear more about your project in the future; what worked, what did not, any advice you'd give to others, etc."
"No problem. Can you give me a business card?"
"Sure, here's my card; and my twitter account and email, too."
"No problem, I'll keep in touch."

and you know, what? i hardly ever hear from them again.

and that's a bummer

see, when i tell you i'd like to hear from you, i really mean it.

so, the next time you take my business card and tell me you'll get back to me - do it!

BTW - those who talked to me yesterday after my presentation, this means you, too.