Oct-23, @GRDayofNET, be there

2010-10-13 @ 09:20#

if you don't already have it on your schedule, be sure to set aside October 23rd and join me and a bunch of really smart folks at the Grand Rapids Day of .NET in Grand Rapids, Michigan. and if you haven't registered yet, you'll want to get on it pretty quick to make sure you have a spot. it looks like the event is shaping up into an excellent way to spend a crisp fall day in Western Michigan.

lucky me

lucky for me, i was invited to give a talk at this year's @GRDayofNET. it's called (ready for it?) "Beyond Web 2.0 APIs : Implementing RESTful Hypermedia for .NET Web Applications." aside from having probably the longest name in the schedule, this talk is also unique in that it's the first time i've been able to speak publicly about a topic i've been researching for the past year: Hypermedia.

true, i recently gave a one day workshop on the topic at last month's RESTFest 2010. but this time, i get to present the material in a nice speedy, compact 60 minute package and it's been very interesting to put together. for instance, this talk has a set of demos that show how changing the nature of the API responses affects how you code the client. i'm looking forward to showing off my five versions of the same API moving from a simple "POX" style payload through various changes into a custom [hyper]media type. and the way client code changes along the way is also quite interesting. honestly, i'd like to tell you all about it, but you'll have to BE THERE to see it[grin].

fun and prizes

just as i have been for all my other public appearances this year, i'll be giving away another copy of the RESTful Web Services Cookbook by Subbu Allamaraju. i was honored to be able to contribute to that book and i have enjoyed meeting people throughtout the year as i hand out the prize copies.

more on how you can win a copy of the book will be covered in a blog post closer to the time of the event. but i'll give you a hint: you need to BE THERE to win[grin].

so, just in case it was not clear...

Oct-23, @GRDayofNET, be there