"Put method=DELETE and method=PUT to rest." [sigh]

2010-10-04 @ 17:51#

i can't say i'm surprised. not really angry. just very disappointed.


i saw this on twitter today from @tillsc:

"Why is there no PUT and DELETE support for forms in the #html5 editor's draft" (http://bit.ly/cA9qUu) anymore?


it didn't take too long for this to spread in the twitter-verse.

not convinced

i traced the latest decision to limit common Web browser's support for HTTP to this exchange in the #what-wg IRC channel on freenode back on September 20th of this year:

"Looking at the HTML spec, I'm not convinced [w]hat we currently have for PUT and DELETE is useful."


actual use cases?

which led to this email thread starting on Sep 20th in public-html

"can anybody point me to actual uses cases for this?..."

Julian Reschke


which eventually gets resovled with an edit to the HTML5 draft on Sep 30th:

"...Put method=DELETE and method=PUT to rest."

Hixie and Hixie (thanks to @dzuelke)

i am the only one who sees a bit of a Freudian slip in Hixie's change comment?

i told ya...

and i am compelled to re-iterate: the turning point that is HTML5; are you ready?