one more link in the web of data

2010-05-10 @ 10:40#

well, i finally published a proper (albeit minimal) FOAF file yesterday. if it's at all correct, i have Nathan to thank for it. he took the time to walk me through a number of things, reviewed my FOAF file, suggested changes and corrections.

it's my WebID, too

even better, Nathan walked me through the details of acquiring a personal certificate, installing the cert in my various browsers, and adding it to my FOAF file. now, i can use my FOAF address ( as a login identity on the Web - my WebID. this will work for any site that supports FOAF+SSL. yeah, it's a small list right now, but i expect it to grow and i'm gonna be ready[grin].

do you have a FOAF yet?

i am kinda embarrassed it took me so long to build and publish a proper FOAF file. if you haven't created one yet, i recommend you use Leigh Dodds' FOAF-a-matic. it's a great way to get started quickly and takes only a minute or two.

do i know you?

Nathan added me as one of his friends to his FOAF file by adding a link to my FOAF file. he knows me!

do you know me? do you have a FOAF file? then add me to your list of friends in your FOAF and tweet me, leave me a comment here, or send me an email message with your FOAF address and i'll add you to my list of friends, too.

create your FOAF and add me first!

ok, i'll make it really easy, all you need to do is follow this link to create your brand new FOAF and automatically add me as your first friend (it's nice to be first[grin]!).

one more link

publishing my FOAF and linking to my friends is just my small way of adding one more link in the Web of Data. have you added yours yet?