the #HATEOAS adventure begins

2009-07-14 @ 22:42#

over the past weekend, as i was working in the yard and doing odd jobs around the house, i was struck w/ a simple idea about Fielding's REST HATEAOS concept.

REST is defined by four interface constraints: identification of resources; manipulation of resources through representations; self-descriptive messages; and, hypermedia as the engine of application state.

5.1.5 Uniform Interface, Fielding (2000)

it's not at all strange that i should be puttering the yard and getting this kind of idea. my weekend gardening is often productive 'think time' for me. but what was unusual was what i came up with.

implementing a classic (80's style) text adventure game using HATEOAS hyper-linking.


it's perfect. you move from room to room in a haunted house using links. you add objects to your kit bag using a POST of the object to your 'bag.' you start a fight w/ a monster by POSTing a new encounter to the fights resource collection, etc.

sure, it's waaaayyy geeky, but it works.

and just as i was digging up my old BASIC print outs to find my last implementation of a home computer adventure game, i got a notice from @iansrobinson that he's not only already hit on this idea, he's also prepared a presentation for the upcoming JAOO in Denmark this October.


guess i better get crackin' on my hyper-linked space adventure game, eh?