Various examples from Mike Amundsen

This is where I stash various examples and side projects. You're free to bounce around and check it out.

Indexed Word Search w/ Azure Tables


This is a demo web site that shows the results of implementing word search indexes in Azure Tables. The slides and code were presented at CodeStock 2010 and are also available for download. There is also a brief article covering the same topic.

The general point is to implement customer materialized views as separate Azure parition/entity collections. These views can mimic the various non-clustered indexes and JOINs typically used in T-SQL implementations.

Fielding Property Maps


This page demostrates an HTTP resource update pattern based on an idea by Roy Fielding. At the end of an email list post on the topic of WebDAV semantics, Fielding illustrates one possible way to expose and manipulate a set of properties for a resource using a URI convention similar to the convention used for image maps. The idea is based on a convention where appending ;props to a resource URI allows clients to access any available properties for that resource. Since I first saw this idea articluated by Fielding, I've dubbed the pattern Fielding Property Maps (without his knowledge or consent).

HTTP Examples


I added a new section for HTTP examples. I'll be postinb various things here related to my work building REST-compliant HTTP applications. The first entry is a simple TO-DO application that shows how easy it is to support the DELETE HTTP method within modern browsers.

Azure Examples


A collection of examples using Microsoft's Azure Storage system.

SQL Data Services Examples


A collection of examples using Microsoft's (now defunct) SQL Data Services (SDS) system. I miss this very efficient and pleasantly HTTP-compliant storage interface. Team behind it was great, too. Some of these examples may still work, though.

ZIPCheck Examples


Sample ZIP code validator implemented using simple HTTP/REST model. This implementation is based on an example by Joe Gregorio. Source code for client and server is included.